Vintage panel lights with dimmable screens from 1940’s aircraft. Everything is LED updated, there are ground effects, and no battery. The flip-top switches are for ignition ground effects.
 The tank is from a 1964 Honda CA110 or Super50. The same tank was used on the CZ100, Honda’s first mini.  Custom seat with springs underneath. Built in 2009-2010.
 Though there are graphics on the sides of the tank, the stock covers and knee grips look pretty good, so there is usually one on the bike. Custom center stand, handlebars, and fenders. The engine cradle is a modified CT90 piece. Front steering and shock dampers.
 Because there is plenty of room under the tank tunnel, a storage area big enough for a wallet and phone is accessible through a flip-down door at the front of the seat. The seat springs are valve springs from a Ford 289. A billet oil cooler is visible under the seat.
 Kitaco aluminum rims, Takegawa forged aluminum kickstart, custom pipe with modified stock canister.
 110 stroker engine with race head and cam, 4 speed tranny, Takegawa heavy duty manual clutch, high volume oil pump, 20mm carb. The original petcock was re-located forward to clear the frame.
  Original Z50 bars were modified into a shorter cafe style. Fastway foot pegs are the best.
 Home-brew LED brake and signal lights. The ground effects use blue and green lights, and make the tail lights turn purple and green when they are turned on.
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