OK then. So this is where I tell you about davmomoto. What can I say?  I love metal and making things out of it. Even as a kid I collected brass objects just because it was so cool. I was awarded the "Senior Metal Worker of the Year" in high school. It was helpful that I was only one of two seniors in the whole metal shop. I was working on hot rods out in West Texas in my teen years and built a "Custom Van"  at age 16 out of a seventy-five dollar  '63 Ford bar-b-que delivery vehicle. Spent a number of years doing jewelry and small sculpture in the Eighties, casting, fabricating and  selling pieces made from gold, silver, brass and copper. Vintage cars, especially sports cars, have always been a passion, and occupied a lot of my constructive energies in the nineties. Upon moving to my current home in late 1995, I found a box tucked up on a shelf. The previous owner left a bunch of stuff, and in this box were two 1969 Honda Z50A headlights, a yellow one and a candy red one. They were like jewels to me, and took me back to my childhood, and the yearning I had for one of these very bikes. Well, perhaps it would have been better if there was a Playboy magazine in that box, as I have aquired more than a few of those bikes since that day. Now I am making custom bikes. Most of them are still the small variety, but there are a few full-sized ones lurking in the background. Still doing big sculpture and boutique electronics, but this site is mostly going to be about the bikes.