A Honda SL70 tank with knee dents pounded in and the bottom cut off, hand laid fiberglass front fairing, custom seat and rear fairing. Brembo 4-pot front brake caliper. Aluminum torque plates were made to stiffen the stretched rear frame loops.
 Fully adjustable Fox Float mountain bike shock under the seat
  Honda CRF450 rear brake master, caliper, and pedal. The pipe is custom with a Supertrapp muffler. Wheels are 12” Honda NSR50 knock-offs. The rear fender is from a Honda CT70.
  Underneath the seat a panel conceals the CDI and voltage regulator, and houses the ignition switch. The panel was taken from the innards of a medical ultrasound machine.
 Takegawa 4-valve head, race cam, cylinder, piston, stroker crank, high volume oil pump, street outer rotor ignition/lighting stator, Hyper CDI, Special Clutch, 5 speed tranny, kickstarter, and magneto cover. A modified  Honda CT90 brush guard was used to make the engine cradle.
 The fiberglass front fairing was made by first making a wire form frame, and then stretching several layers of cloth over it. A cut-down visor from a Ducati 996. Headlight is from a Honda SL70. The front fender is a fiberglass NSR50 unit.
  The tail lights are vintage Honda units in a custom housing. The rear fender paint scheme appears to extend the line formed by the frame backbone.
 Takegawa speedo and tachometer. The control panel uses dimmable World War 2 era aviation instrument lights and switch flip cover. C&K toggle switches.   Studio photos are by Peter J. Salisbury.
 This frame was abused, with bends, missing motor mounts, bad repairs and weakening of the frame from aggressive grinding. The frame was cut into small sections (there was even more cutting than in the picture,) sleeved, and re-welded. Extensive gusseting at the points in the frame known to have problems with cracking.
 The frame was meticulously welded, shaped and sanded to remove any welding defect.
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