Modified in several sessions spread over a couple years, the Red Baron might be considered complete…but you never know. The most recent round was to add the banana seat, sissy bar and low pipe.
 My buddy Ben’s Z50. He had most of the parts, but did not have the mounting tabs or plumbing worked out on the tank. The front fork was switched out, CRF50 wheels were fitted, an unknown headlight bucket that has since been filled was added, the electrical system had to be fabbed up, cables worked out, and the motor started.
 The seat cover was taken from a reject custom seat another customer ordered online and left behind. Recycling has always been a big part of what goes on in the shop.
 land of the Pines Norton club rallye a couple years ago. I came upon this site the morning I arrived, a casualty of late night tire burn-outs and rut digging.
 Before the rear fender was “shortened by wheelie.” The seat was one Ben found online just to complete the bike, but it never really fit the rest of the bike style-wise. The bike left the shop for a couple years of riding and some pinstriping,  before returning for the banana seat and sissy bar.
 The night Alton Gillespie painted Ben’s tank and number plates out in East Texas at the Land of the Pines Norton Rallye.
 Ben taking a test fit after the first round of assembly.
 Leak testing. The plumbing on this bike was absent and I just wanted to make sure there was no slow leak with a two day test run.
 Ben found this LED Maltese cross tail light. It definitely fits the theme of the bike and is super bright!
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