Before and after of a 1969 CL350 sympathetic restoration. The original paint was kept on the fork uppers and tank. Original chrome was used where practical, with NOS and quality used pieces used.
 Some of the worst of the worst on the 1968 CB350 prior to restoration. It appears there was a leak and splashing concentrated on this one area of the bike. The other side was not as bad.
 An NOS gear shifter and used linkage, a used muffler shield, and chrome re-plated points and carb covers. The original round engine side cover was polished and rest of the covers painted with Honda Cloud Silver paint. Carbs were dismantled and hardware replated with clear and yellow zinc as originally manufactured. Plastic side covers were repainted as were the original badges.
 The bike had been stolen and found wrecked, with the brake pedal bent up, the kicker flopping around and footpegs bent.
 Although there was a significant amount of surface rust, most of it came off well enough to stick with the original pipes. A lot of hand polishing and rust remover was used.
 A CM450A automatic revival, getting a new headlight, carb rebuild and some other repairs.
 Priscilla, a 1975 CB125 5 speed getting a revival.
 1973 Honda CT70 K2 given an 88cc bore-up prior to sale.
 A 1971 CT70H K0 4 speed. Re-plated hardware, restored footpeg assembly, brake panel restoration with new grooved brake shoes, polished and buffed out. A new seat cover and headlight bucket were also added.
 Honda TL125 that was revived.
 Triumph T-100C 500cc scrambler rider.
 1971 Honda CT70 K0. This one started with a frame only. A total rebuild of a correct K0 engine into a 108cc stroker with high volume oil pump, 20mm carb, heavy duty clutch, and race head and cam. Every part of this bike has been restored and is functional.
 A 1971 Honda ST70 K0 Export model that was revived.
 Yamaha XS400 that had a major revival.
 1973 CB360 was given a Motogadget m-unit electronic system and controls. A new stealthy set of LED turn signals were added.
 A couple of 1969 Z50’s, a ‘68, and a ‘71 on the upstairs catwalk in the shop. These were done around 2010-2012, and have not been ridden since restoration.
 A 1971 Z50A sympathetic restoration with an 88cc big bore kit, race head and cam, and heavy duty clutch. A 20mm carb and manifold, ducati petcock and curved air filter were also added.
 The lower white portion of the tank was re-painted, but the red is all original, as is the chrome. The wheels and brakes were completely rebuilt, forks were serviced and new boots put on. All hardware including the footpegs was replaced with freshly re-plated cadmium ones.
 The seat cover was replaced, new cables, brake levers, grips, and all of the other rubber was replaced.
 Kevin’s 1971 Z50 custom. I found this one nearly complete, minus some engine parts and restored it to running a number of years ago. My nephew, Blaine brought a similar z50 (seen below) to me to have an 88cc kit, race head, heavy duty clutch and some other goodies applied recently, and his buddy Kevin rode it and had to have one. They now have near-identical customs!
 A new seat cover, Bridgestone tires, new cables, fenders, fresh cadmium plated hardware, and a repainted tank were some of the restoration done besides the engine work.
 The fold-down bars were straightened and the throttle and grips replaced. The bike is 100 percent functional.
 1967 Triumph Bonneville T120R revival. This is my personal ride and needed some love after years of sitting around. Amal 930 carbs replaced the original monoblocks and a Wassell electronic ignition was added.
 Such a classy English girl.
 Still on the restoration list is getting the original Smiths tachometer functional again.
 Blaine’s 1971 Z50 custom. I did a number of things including a new electrical system, performance upgrades on the engine, new fenders, wheels, brakes, and tires, and handlebar repair.
 The entire footpeg assembly was replaced with a newer OEM unit, drive chain and counter sprocket changed out, and a new wire harness and key switch were used.
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