All above studio photos by Peter J. Salisbury
 An AHRMA-spec 200GP trackbike built for skateboard legend Steve Caballero. Steve commissioned the build by Denton Moto in mid 2017, and completed in early 2018. A Honda CL175 Sloper built in late 1968 was the donor bike, considered a “Holy Grail” by some, particularly among riders racing in vintage classes. Overbored to 209cc with Arias forged pistons, R/D heavy duty valve springs and titanium retainers, Cappellini chain driven high volume oil pump, timing chain tensioner with roller, adjustable cam gear, and an RDL Racing ball-bearing cam conversion. The clutch basket was lightened and Kevlar discs were added. A Highwayman inner-rotor battery-free race ignition provides the spark.    Racetech suspension components are used front and back, customized for Steve’s weight and the type of racing. Racetech springs and Gold Valve Emulators were used in the Ceriani 35GP forks for a firm but plush ride, and their G3-S rear shocks were built to fit this bike exactly, even making allowances for chain clearance. Sun shouldered alloy rims and heavy duty spokes were provided by Buchanan Spokes. Tires are a sticky set of Heidenau K-44’s   The tank and front fender are Tannermatic pieces, with Glass From The Past kit making up the remainder. This bike was revealed along with the BrotherBike in early December 2017, and appeared in the OG Moto show in 2018, as well as Revival Cycles 2018 Handbuilt Show.
  Early 2018. The rear spool stand can be seen under the bike, but the seat cover is yet to be made.
  OG Moto Show in 2018.
  The speedo was floated in the cockpit.
 Kiyo of Kiyo’s Garage, Shinya Kimura, and Steve Caballero taking a look at he OG Moto show in Los Angeles, 2018.
 Hand-painted 1960’s Honda Wing by Wade O. Wilson of Mansfield, Tx.
 The Bones Ripper peering out the tail section. Painted by Wade O. Wilson.
  Talking details. This was a surreal moment for me.
 At the December reveal, left to right: Peter Salisbury, local radio KUZU FM founder who spun discs that night; me blabbering on the mic; DentonMoto co-founder Fabian Campos; Pinstriper Wade O. Wilson; Guest of Honor Steve Caballero: The back of John Green’s head; and Meta founder Andrew Campo.
  Revival Cycles Handbuilt Show 2018. Photo by Michael Lichter
  The Outlier’s Guild Show was a class act through and through.
  The seat front and tank strap are secured by a single thumbscrew. There is a cable tether that secures the screw.
 The December 2017 reveal of the bike at the Apellton-Patterson Center for the Arts in Denton, Tx.
 The test tank was to spare the fiberglass from getting gassed up, as they have to be cleaned out after each use. The fairing, front fender, and seat cover were also removed to keep them safe.
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