The front forks are made from Honda NSR50 uppers and springs, ZB50 lowers, with Ractech Gold-Valve Emulators inside for an unbelievable ride.
 A number of aluminum alloy parts were used in the build. Aluminum wheels, frame, kickstand, brake pedals, tripletrees, handlebars, kickstarter, footpegs, and engine cylinder replaced the stock steel units. The fairing skins, side covers, fenders, fork brace and a number of brackets and side covers are also alloy.
 The exhaust is a Minigunz unit with a custom guard made from Honda CT90 and CT70 pieces, and a lengthened stinger. BBR alloy brake pedal.
  Becuse of the high tunnel on the JT-1 tank, a custom fold-out control panel was able to fill the space. Ignition key and fog-light controls are inside.
  Takegawa speedo and tach, and a custom phone holder. The fold-out contol panel can be seen in the open position.
 Lots of Japanese tuner parts, Takegawa steering damper, wheel hub rings, speedo and tach, hand levers, kickstarter, side stand, and brake adjusters were used along with Shift-up fork preload adjusters, steering stem nut, fork, handlebar, and swingarm sliders, and cables. The tripletrees, race head, cylinder, and oil cooler are Honda Trail Bikes units.
  The latch at the rear of the seat allows it to flip up, with storage underneath.
 110cc stroker engine with heavy-duty autoclutch, 4-speed tranny, race head, lightened flywheel, lighting stator, Mikuni VM26 carb, high-volume oil pump, and oil cooler. Fast and responsive, it is a load of fun to ride.
  Vintage panel lights were used on brake and license lights as well as the fold-out control panel under the tank tunnel.
  Do you see the skull?
 Lake O' the Pines in East Texas. This was the end of a great day hanging with the North Texas Norton Owners club (NTNOA.) The bike took first place in the Pitbike class.
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