Studio photos by Peter J. Salisbury.
 The stock forks were rebuilt and a custom fork brace added. The handlebars are on a modified inverted triple clamp, that allows them to be slid along the fork tubes.
 The clubman style handlebars were made from chopped stock units.
 The top triple clamp was rebuilt to allow 30cm lowering on the front end. Yes, you only need one steering damper, but two gives a smoother response without that initial lag…and it looks better.
 A custom engine cradle with integrated rear-set peg mounts and a custom center stand. A ring at the top of the cradle is the mount for the velocity stack, and there is an oil cooler mount as well. An effort to consolidate some of the lines of the bike was taken to keep the open spaces and make the bike silhouettes as minimal as possible. Though there is a lot going on, there are fairly unobstructed views of everything.  There are aluminum torque plates on both sides of the lower frame between the motor mounts and swingarm. Because these sheet-metal frames are not too stiff and suspension very soft, a number of reinforcements of the stock suspension and chassis were done. There are small touches such as the frenched fuel hose outlet, bobbed tail, oil vapor can hidden in neck of the frame, and lower trim on the backbone to match the one on the upper frame and conceal the welded body flange. Solid alloy wheels wrapped with Michelin rubber.
 In mock-up back in 2008.
  A good deal of work was done to stiffen the suspension and frame. An internal rear shock cross brace and heavy duty shackled shock mounts address the weak link in the stock set-up.
  The shackled rear shock mounts and the shorter stiffer Kitaco shocks give the rear the stiffness it needs. A barely visible brace can be seen between the fender and frame along the rear wheel arch.
  CT90 Keihin down-draft carb with a velocity stack from a Weber carb.
  117cc engine, race head, stroker crank, high volume oil pump, 4 speed tranny, oil cooler, lighting stator.
 Custom seat and rear hinge made to allow tank access. The solid rods that make up the seat frame are firmly bolted at front to stiffen the tail of the frame. The optional CT70 grab bar was applied on both sides.
 Kitaco extended swingarm. Front fender is from a Rupp mini, rear is from a Honda SL70 with a custom tail light.
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