This build is still underway as of December, 2018. A 1974 Norton Commando that came to the shop in rough shape with the owner’s desire to customize it into a cafe racer. An aluminum fairing, seat and front fender have been made for the bike.
 Test-fitting of the aluminum fender. The entire fork and front brake assembly are new except the tripletree which are the originals with the handlebar mounts shaved and filled.
 The entire exhaust system is new except for some rear exhaust mounts. The rear wheel was rebuilt with a new shouldered alloy rim and Buchanan stainless spokes.
 The rear frame loop was shortened and turned upward, and a new seat sub frame made to mount the aluminum pan and hump.
 Norman Hyde rear-sets fit nicely and are still comfortable. There are still some aluminum parts to be made such as the rear inner fender and perhaps some side covers.
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