A 1980 Suzuki GS750, and a 1978 Suzuki GS550 with a 750 engine belonging to Brothers Justin and Austin Nall. Both wanted more compact seats, updated controls, handlebars, instruments, exhaust,  bodywork and paint.
 Justin’s GS was a more involved build, with new cusom side covers, mufflers taken from a Honda CB550 set, custom seat, shortened front fender and a steel rear fender from an earlier GS750. A custom paint job was done on the body pieces and the exhaust was ceramic coated. Justin also wanted to include some leather and patches from one of his Baseball gloves, which ended up being used on the seat and grips.
 An early GS speedo and tach replace the lunch-box size stock units. Renthal alloy bars with custom leather grips along with a modern light switch selector make up the front controls.
 Keeping with the baseball touches on the bike, the Rawlings patches from a used glove were applied to the seat.
 Rounding out the build, a new set of Mikuni carbs, new shocks, a new headlight, signals, and  Shinko rubber were used.
  The 1978 GS550 after a new rear loop and seat were put on. The original fenders have been bobbed and repainted. The original paint was dulled and had small scratches, but buffed out so well, a future paint job was called off.
  Austin found a custom seat online that was made a little narrower in front and a bit thicker as well. I advised him the super thin seat that is popular now is not much on sustained comfort.
  New smaller gauges, front brake master, Renthal bars, and Horween leather grips were applied.
 I love Renthal products, mostly their bars and chains. In this pic, the stock gear selector indicator was removed from the huge original speedo housing and made to fit on the lower left side.
  Smaller more discreet turn signals and brake light replaced the stock units.
  One of the progress pics in the middle of the update. The exhaust has been ceramic coated  and the headers wrapped.
  The Horween leather wrapped grips.
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