A 1975 Honda CB500T built into a brat-style daily rider for Denton Moto co-founder, Fabian Campos. This is the bike I customized for Fabian as a showpiece for our fledgeling business, and in exchange for the CB160 that became “The Seven” bike.
 Racetech Gold-Valve emulators were used to update the forks. New master cylinder, levers, hydraulic hose and fresh caliper seals sorted out the front brake. An LED Jeep headlight is significantly brighter than the stock unit.
 Tiny Supernova LED turn signals on the side of the headlight bucket. The mounts for the signals are made from bronze harvested from a broken cymbal. The rear license plate light is made from the same bronze.
 The rear was shortened and a loop grafted in. There are small Supernova LED signals hidden beneath the seat. The seatcover was custom made from two shades of Horween leather by Clint Wilkinson of Wilkinson, TX. here in Denton.
 Since the seat cover was so nice, I made small brackets to hold the edges down, held in place by rivets.
 Friends of Fabian at Triad Product finishing, Todd Brandenburg and Bryan Rhodes, powdercoated, ceramic coated, and painted all of the bike parts.
 The original fenders were shortened and a set of CB550 mufflers modified to fit the stock headers.
 Fabian had his friend Jon Carpenter make these wooden grips.
 General maintenance like brake caliper, carb, and starter motor rebuilds were done. Spark plugs, points, condenser, ignition coils, voltage regulator and spark wires were replaced.  A Motogadget m-Unit and handlebar controls were used along with a new custom wiring harness.
 Because Fabian wanted the bike to be a tribute to the uncle that spurred his love of bikes, a Shitame repousse yoke was fashioned from brass.
  A smaller tach and speedo help to unclutter the cockpit.
 The CB550 mufflers use the stock CB500T clamps and gaskets welded to the front of the can, allowing them to be removed or changed out easily.
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